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Hello, my name is JASPER and I LOVE nature. This course has shown me how to change my company to benefit the natural world and by default, us humans.


At the base of all our challanges are two issues. The first is plastic pollution. My company designs a lot of products and there is a lot of plastic envolved. It’s sheer economics, but it’s also madness. Especially when you consider 90% of plastic worlwide isn’t recycled.


Fixing this will require a lot of R&D. Our creative team is working hard with Biopack and Univerity of Leuven to create our ideas with biodegradable or reusable packing.


On top of that we’re stopping transparent communication, in favor of authentic communication. We are going to help clients tell their whole story and show consumers what the impact of their current consumption is. 

We’re working on an inspiring client pitch to touch clients hearts AND we are developing an investment blueprint with Xtra Invest to offer clients the capital to change their business case.

The second issue is deforestation by monoculture. We all consume a lot of the same crops and in order to grow them forest are being cut down and wildlife is being murdererd. From palm oil to sugar and cacao. It’s a big problem.


PLUS is going to lead the charge in supply side awareness. We do brandsand stories. So this is on us too. We are going to bring together stakeholders in supplychains and make them think by mixing in creatives, artists and scientist.

Example: we’re going to work with a choclate brand in september and we’re going to introduce regenerative agroforestry to all their plantations.


To make the demand side aware of these issues we’re going to finance a ‘consume thougtfully’ campaign combined with a guide which helps our industry colleagues connect briefs to SDG goals.

This all requires a lot of planning, networking and bold leadership…


Do you want to sit in a first class seat while the airplane is crashing to the ground or are you going to use your incredible talent to help us soar the skies once more? Then this is an invitation to become a changemaker!

Take a look at and and be the reason why we CAN make a difference. 

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